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Get Your Eyes Checked for Melanoma Awareness Month

Peter Liggett, M.D., a Hilton Head retina specialist, joins with the Melanoma Research Foundation to urge the public to get a dilated eye exam with your eye care professional. Melanoma not only occurs on the skin but it also occurs within the eye. Ocular melanoma is the most common form of eye cancer in adults.

Because most eye melanomas form in the part of the eye you can’t see when looking in a mirror, they can be difficult to detect. Also, eye melanoma typically doesn’t cause early signs or symptoms. About half of eye melanoma cases already have spread to other parts of the body when diagnosed. Eye melanoma is curable, and early detection through dilated eye exams is key.

It’s important to take precautionary action:

• Reduce UV Exposure: Wear UV-protective sunglasses when outdoors and add a broad-brimmed hat for added protection.

• Eat right and exercise regularly: There is a direct correlation between physical activity and risk of cancer. On average, people who live active lifestyles have a 20-80 percent reductions in risk.

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