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Hilton Head Macula & Retina is a Proud Sponsor of Camp Leo

Hilton Head Macula & Retina is a sponsor of Camp Leo Golf Tournament, which will be held at 10 a.m. Saturday, August 19 at Eagle Pointe Golf Club in Bluffton.

Camp Leo provides a unique experience for the sight-impaired children of South Carolina. All campers are legally blind, although most have some sight. Most of the campers’ families are of modest means and would be unable to afford camp for their children even if a “for pay” camp was available. Camp Leo provides impaired children the opportunity to enjoy camp activities with new and different experiences, in the company of other impaired children under the supervision of caring adults.

The Camp Leo Council hires a full time staff, including two Directors and 20 to 25 counselors, depending upon the number of campers. The camp is also fortunate to have many Lions Club members and other volunteers from the community to help with specific camp activities.

Founded in 1975, Camp Leo is run by the Camp Leo Council of S.C. Inc., a 501(3)(c) corporation. With the help of numerous sponsors and community volunteers, we are able to offer a fun, engaging camp experience for visually-impaired children from across South Carolina, all for free.

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