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May is Healthy Vision Month

The American Society of Retina Specialists have some suggestions to help you celebrate Healthy Vision Month. Hilton Head Macula and Retina would also like you to know more about how important eye health is to your enjoyment of life every day. Both at work and at play, eyesight matters in seeing and enjoying all that is around you, including your job and loved ones.

Some Ways to Keep Your Eyes Safe

Preserving eye health and avoiding sight problems can be done with some simple steps. These tips from the National Eye Institute can help you to continue seeing well throughout your lifetime.

  1. Get regular eye exams

  2. Know the eye health history of your family

  3. Protect your eyes while working and playing

  4. Give your eyes a rest

  5. Wear sunglasses, including on cloudy days

  6. Eat vision-healthy foods

  7. Keep an ideal weight

  8. Get regular physical activity

  9. Stop smoking or never start to smoke

Healthy Habits to Preserve Healthy Vision

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