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COVID 19 Updates

Dear Patients and members of the community:

COVID-19 has created challenges unlike any we have ever seen. We want to reassure you that everyone at Hilton Head Macula & Retina is working together to ensure that we continue to deliver compassionate and excellent Macula & Retina care during this challenging time. Your health and safety are our top priority. How We’re Protecting Patients and Staff We have put in place many new policies and procedures to address the unique challenges brought on by COVID-19:

We’ve made the difficult decision to not allow patients to have visitors or bring people with them to appointments, with few exceptions.

We’re asking all patients to bring a mask and to wear the mask at all times in HHMR office.

We’re screening all patients and staff for COVID-19 symptoms before they enter Hilton Head Macula & Retina.

We’ve increased how often we clean high-contact surfaces and have hand sanitizer available at entrances, elevators and other frequently visited locations.

We’ve taken steps to ensure social distancing, including removing furniture to maintain safe distances of at least six feet apart.

At Hilton Head Macula & Retina, we are committed to delivering the very best macula & retina care for our patients.

Thank you for your continued trust in us. Best regards and please stay safe,

Peter E. Liggett, M.D.

Hilton Head Macula & Retina.

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